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Envision Acres Farm is a fully-functioning farm that exists to educate, employ, and empower our local refugee community while developing and training missional leaders creatively through agriculture. 

The foundational objective of Envision Acres Farm is the development of refugees from our Clarkston community in order to provide holistic care and share the love of Jesus. In our context, holistic care can be identified in our mission statement as educating, employing, and empowering our local refugee community. 

EDUCATING: It is our desire to teach skills that are rooted in agriculture and in business practices for further growth in our context or growth in other employment opportunities.

EMPLOYING: We desire families and individuals to be positively impacted by the healthy and safe work environment that we will provide in addition to proper salaries.

EMPOWERING: Above all, we desire to provide community, purpose, and access to Jesus for all who are impacted by this farm.


Imagine what life would be like if you were told that you had to uproot and move to another country. You would not know the language, the culture, the food, or the ways to find employment. This is what many people have gone through who are living in the city of Clarkston, GA. Clarkston is located just a short 11 miles from Atlanta and is home to refugees from over 50 countries.


Our parent organization, Envision Atlanta, works predominantly with refugees of all different nationalities living in Clarkston, GA, and other surrounding cities. 


Envision Acres Farm is a ministry of ENVISION ATLANTA, part of the ENVISION family of THE ALLIANCE

As part of ENVISION, we affirm the mission that states, "ENVISION is here to identify & develop missional leaders through short-term missions opportunities and innovative ministry strategies."

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