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Image by Travis Essinger


Donations can always be given by visiting

Simply click on the arrow and select ENVISION ACRES FARM from the drop-down menu.

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We have hungry animals and lots of them!


It costs roughly $20 per day to feed our animals a diet of grain and hay. You can help by partnering with us and specifying your donation to be used for feed. 


To give toward animal feed, write a comment in the green box at

Image by Philipp Reiner


We will need shelters in our pastures for our animals when the Georgia sun is too much! In the same way, we want to be sure that we have ample availability for our animals to access water.

To specify a donation to this project, write a comment in the green box at



We will always be expanding and in need of fencing. We need to be sure our animals are safe at all times. Proper fencing is needed to keep our animals in and other creatures out!

To specify a donation to fencing, write a comment in the green box at



We have been graciously donated a tractor and need to keep it in good condition. As we grow the farm, more specialized equipment will be needed. Your donation could help us run an efficient farm! 

To specify a donation toward equipment, write a comment in the green box at

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