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Faithfully Waiting: Our Journey to Envision Acres Farm

We have waited for this place for quite some time. This place makes this vision, this dream, this hope, this goal, a reality. Our time of waiting brought many difficulties as we jumped from emotional highs to lows in what seemed to be a matter of hours. God has reminded me in this last week of the journey we were once on, and where we are now. In July of 2020, I wrote an open and honest letter to our ministry supporters. I shared my disappointments, I shared my hurts, and I shared my fears. But in the midst of my writing, the Lord softened my heart and changed my tune. I wrote, “How can I keep from wholeheartedly believing in His faithfulness? We have reached this point by His faithful guidance, and I am certain that we will reach many new points in the days and weeks to come. I believe it is when we are at our ends with waiting upon the Lord and come to our lowest point, He works in mighty ways. I am no longer angrily waiting, I am expectantly waiting! (July 31, 2020).”

We thought we were on a journey that was met with hardships. Looking back, it is evident that we were on a journey to trust. His faithfulness is not determined by our thoughts and feelings. His faithfulness does not diminish when our hardships seem to prevail. His faithfulness does not expire.

His faithfulness remains steadfast. Through every circumstance and experience, we always look back and see the faithful hand of God. May we be able to seek His faithfulness in the midst of our disappointments, our hurts, and our fears.

Keep pressing on. Keep faithfully waiting.

We're so glad you're on this journey with us!

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