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Pressing On to be Faithful Stewards

We have been running full steam ahead since we closed on this property on December 3, 2020, and have been loving every minute of it. God has given us a renewed energy to keep pressing on as our goal is clear and attainable. We are living in an answer to prayer. My prayer now is that we will never lose sight of the miracle that is before us.

Many improvements and projects have taken place in the last few weeks! The house went through a beautiful renovation, the overgrown pastures have been mowed, the workshop is now accessible by a driveway made from asphalt millings, the barn is currently being improved structurally, and the barn is almost ready for animals as gated pens have been made. Several fence posts are now in the ground. In the days that feel long and difficult, reading this list helps us realize what we’ve accomplished in only a little over two months. God has faithfully prepared our way in this process, and we know He will continue to do so.

We desire to be faithful stewards of this land that God has given us. This is an answer to many prayers of many faithful people. For this reason, we press on to complete this goal so that Christ may be glorified and those who do not yet know Him will have access to His name. We press on because we can see what God can do through this farm. We press on because we have the chance to show someone the love of Jesus, maybe for the very first time. We press on because we have the opportunity to give good food to those who are hungry. We press on to gain friendships with people from every part of this world. We press on because all people matter to God.

Will you continue to pray with us as we press on? We ask that you press on to be faithful stewards of what God has given you. Each and every one of us has a unique purpose in the Kingdom of God. I always like to say, “It takes all kinds of people to reach all kinds of people.” Let us press on together.

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